Paleo Coconut Lime Chicken

So, even though I like chicken, I have to say it gets boring after a while.  I needed to try something new to tantalize my taste buds.  I went searching for recipes and came across a coconut lime chicken recipe.  Any one who knows me, knows I can never stick to a recipe.  I slightly changed it in part due to what I had available in my house at the time.  I also altered it to my taste, and to fit my paleo lifestyle by using arrowroot starch instead of normal thickeners.  The following picture contains the ingredients I used.

The only thing not pictured is my can of coconut milk.  I want to warn people who are not use to cooking with coconut milk, that it can have a thick, odd consistency at first like below, but as it heats, it evens out.As you add the thickener in this recipe, you may have to adjust amounts.  Add the thickener slowly to give it time to do it’s work.  Another part of the recipe you may want to adjust to your own taste is the cayenne pepper.  I personally don’t like a whole lot of heat, but that is me.  So here you have it. This is the final recipe I ended up using.

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