Natural Beauty

27 Aloe Product Botanicals Ok, so if you read my About Me page, you’ll know that I try to avoid toxins and chemicals as much as possible.  Typically we think about this when it comes to our food, but do we think about this when it comes to what we put on our face?  I sure do!  I’d like to start off by educating you on some things you may, or may not know about skincare ingredients.  First off, if you look at the first ingredient in the skincare you currently are using, chances are that water is the first ingredient.  The first listed ingredient is what the majority of the product is made of.  In other words, that is what you primarily are paying for.  I am going to go through a list of 8 other common ingredients found in skincare.  Pretty much all of the skincare a person buys on the shelf today will contain one, if not numerous of the following: Mineral oil which is the most universally used ingredient will attract dirt, cause blackheads, and speed up the aging process.  Waxes, such as paraffin, beeswax, or carnauba wax, are frequently used in creams and moisturizers. They can clog pores causing breakouts and enlarged pores.  Petroleum, or “paraffin jelly” suffocates the skin and pores.  They also pollute water and destroy marine life.  Acetone may sound familiar, it is used in nail polish removers, but it is also frequently put in astringents, and fresheners.  Acetone is very toxic and dehydrates the skin.  Propylene Glycol is also a petroleum derivative which easily penetrates skin it weakens cellular structure.  This liquid is used in antifreeze. Yikes!  I can’t believe the things these companies get away with.  Alcohol is another not great ingredient.  Certain types dissolve the body’s own natural moisturizers.  This disrupts skin’s pH balance and speeds up wrinkling.  FD&C dyes are synthetic petroleum based dyes which are toxic.  Finally, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a common ingredient it is what makes toothpaste and soaps foam.  It is a strong degreaser that dries the skin out and can cause skin inflammatory responses in some people.  Ok now that I have scared you, the good news is you know what to avoid.  My personal favorite company that I have found I know never contains any of those ingredients is L’BRI.  The first ingredient listed in their products is aloe.  They combine restoring herbs, rejuvenating vitamins, fruit and plant essences, natural botanical, and food-grade preservatives to the aloe.  My family fell in love with it so much we decided to become consultants.  As consultants, not only do you get income opportunities from selling, but there are great trip incentives as well.  If you are wondering how to become a consultant please contact me, or if you would like to order, please visit my site at http://www.tnt.l’ . Happy Trails!