The Low-Down On Nitric Oxide

So anybody who is into fitness, does not have to look far to see ads boasting about all the benefits of nitric oxide.  Most supplement companies will claim that their nitrous boosters increase blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the tissues and organs.  They also say that it will improve brain function, wound healing, weight loss, muscle gain, and endurance.  Is there anything to this? Well, maybe.  Is it safe? Not always. Is it natural? Lets take a further look.

After some researching I found that there are three enzymes in our body that take arginine and break it into citrulline and nitric oxide. The first enzyme is neuronal oxide synthase.  This enzyme produces nitric oxide in the brain.  Another enzyme is the inducible nitric oxide synthase which the body uses as part of the immune system, and the last one is the endothelial nitric oxide synthase that signals blood vessels to relax and dilate for more oxygen and nutrients to get to the tissues.  So these enzymes break arginine into citrulline and nitric oxide.  The problem is when we age we have very minute amount of it.

Most of the nitric oxide supplements on the market contain arginine and citrulline.  For most people this is safe in reasonable portions. However, to much is never a good thing.  Never take more than 7 grams a day.  Some other dangers are that it can drop blood pressure to low and inhibit brain neurons in some individuals.  If your body is not properly fighting infection, excess nitric oxide can lead to chronic inflammation, and inhibit growth and repair, which is the opposite of what you are trying to achieve.  Some signs of excess consumption are: headaches, nausea, dry mouth, and fatigue.  Not all supplements are bad, but of course you run the chance of artificial ingredients, binders, and fillers.  With that said, I like to keep things as natural as possible.  It is possible to increase nitric oxide levels in the body naturally and here is a list of some of the ways.

Natural Nitric Oxide Boosters

1. Mediteranian like diet rich in legumes, fish, and nuts.  These are high in citrulline and arginine

2.Hawthorn Herb

3.Beets/Beet root powders


5.Grapeseed Extract


7.Vit. C


9.Coenzyme Q10


11.Vit. D


13.Horny Goat Weed

14.Omega 3’s

15. Procyanidin (same active ingred. as grapeseed)

So there you have it! Yes nitric oxide is natural in the body and it can be beneficial if used properly, but people with heart conditions need to be very careful to not use supplements with this in it.

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