Is Your Shampoo Harming You?

Whether you realize it or not, If you are not using an all natural shampoo, you are probably placing toxins on your body.  There are several harmful ingredients that most shampoos on the market contain at least one, if not several of them.  For instance, Propylene Glycol is also known as the antifreeze you put in your car.  Several companies use this in their shampoo so they do not freeze during shipping.  Formaldehyde is also found in some shampoos and can lead to hair loss.  Petrolatum products are used in moisturizing products, but they do not actually moisturize.  In fact, they coat the shaft weighing it down, this also prevents the natural oils from the scalp getting in.  Dimethicone is a synthetic ingredient that is used as a surface sealant in hair products.  The safety of this ingredient is currently being questioned.  Some people can have an allergic reaction to it.  It also can cause rashes, chapped skin, itching, and cystic acne.  Synthetic fragrances and dyes are also found to be toxic and irritating.  Alcohol is in most hair products.  It can be a drying ingredient so avoid products where it is listed as one of the first four ingredients.  Chemical Dimethicone is put in products to make hair shiny and easy to comb.  New evidence is suggesting it might be a toxin.  Sodium Lauryl Sulfite and Amonium Lauryl Sulfite are harsh detergents.  Sodium Chloride is actually table salt.  It is used as a thickener in shampoos, but can potentially cause hair loss.  Parabens, used to extend shelf life, can disrupt your chemicals ultimately leading to hair loss. DEA and TEA can irritate the scalp and strip the hair shaft making it dry and week.  Also, it causes severe allergic reactions in some people.  With all of that said, I highly suggest using a natural shampoo to avoid the risk.  I will be sharing some natural shampoos.  Some of them I have tried others, I have not.

attitude shampoo

Attitude natural shampoo I found on amazon at $15.99 for 12 oz..  Target also carries this brand.

avalon organics

Avalon organics I have personally tried.  The one I tried was the thickening biotin shampoo.  I bought it from TJ Max.  Personally I did not care for it.  I found my hair was very flat after using it and did not care for smell.  It is $15.10 for 32 oz. on amazon.

renpure shampoo

Ranpure solutions coconut cream cleansing pudding is $9.49 for 16 oz. bottle on amazon.

soap box shampoo

Soapbox Bataua shampoo runs $12.85 for 13.5 oz. bottle.  The bataua fruit is from the rainforest and is suitable for all hair types.


The last one is L’BRI natural aloe based shampoo.  This one I love, and not just because I sell it.  The smell is wonderful, my hair looks healthier, and I don’t know if it is a coincidence, but I started seeing less hair loss after I switched to it.  It can be found at  It is $15.50 for 12oz.


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