Fashion Picks

Ok, so here is my intro disclaimer, I love horses and cowboy boots. Don’t judge. I swear I am not a complete hick. One other thing, I love dresses!  With that said, I will be exposing you to some combos of those.  I find that not only do dresses make me feel feminine, but for thick thighs like mine, they flatter covering my trouble zone.  Not to mention the fact that throwing on a tank dress in summer is incredibly cool and makes you comfy like your wearing a night gown.  What’s better than that?  Well, without further ado, lets get to my first pick.

aztec dressI thought this dress would be an incredibly cute Easter dress.  At $10.42 this dress is a steal.  I have not received it yet to know quality, but I do intend on ordering.  This dress can be found at