Active Wear Fashion

So besides dresses and cowboy boots, I love cute fitness wear as well.  There is something about being in cute workout clothes that makes working out a bit easier.  You will not find me going to a gym in only a sports bra with pants, but I give props to those fit women who can and make it look good.  And yes, I still like adding some country-girl flair to my workout clothes as well.

DSC_7883_medium gwg caprigwg-running-pant-moc-side-web_mediumI am totally digging these Girls With Guns camo bottoms.  Both the capris and legging are $49.99 a piece.  That is a little more than I like to spend on workout bottoms, but they are sure cute.

bbcamoBBW_styleguide4_5As I mentioned before, I won’t go in just a sports bra and pants, but maybe I’d put a black tank over it that is cut so it would still show how cool the bra is.  This outfit is spot-on.  The Bra runs 44$.  Their leggings run from $69 to $119.

My last picks come from Pacsun, which I never had thought of before for fitness wear until I saw a pin on it.  I love this pair of capris and sports bra.  The Onzie Sunray Strappy Capri runs $62.  The Onzie Sunray Strappy Back sports bra is $65.  I am not willing to pay that much, but it is for sure on my wishlist.




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