About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog! Thanks for visiting.  My name is Tonya Rebhahn I was a Registered Dental Hygienist for almost 12 years before I was stricken with chronic lymes disease.  I have a wonderful husband named Tad and 3 busy little boys.  After I came down with my illness, we decided to move closer to my husband’s job on a small homestead.  One of the most common recommendations out there for chronic lymes disease patients is to adopt a paleo diet lifestyle to help control the disease.  I use to be in bodybuilding competitions so I have always been health conscious about what I eat.  Now that we have a small farm, my family is very excited to try and grow as much of our own organic food as we can.  Besides growing organic vegetables, here at R N R Ranch, grow herbs, we raise pasture pork, beef, chickens, and we make all-natural handcrafted soaps.  I am currently doing a certificate program in Herbalism, Holistic Health and Nutrition.   I truly believe a lot of the health problems that are on arise in America today has a lot to do with the hormones, pesticides, and GMO’s we are ingesting and putting on our skin.  It is my goal through my blog to help give you healthy ideas on what to eat and use on your skin.  A lot of the recipes I will get help from my husband on, because he is a better cook than me!  I hope you enjoy my posts and thank you for stopping by my blog!