I’m Bloated

We have all been there.  That pressure, gas, and fat feeling of bloat.  So what causes it, how do we avoid it, and how do we fix it if it occurs? Those are the topics we will explore today. There are several factors that can lead to the dreaded bloat.  Hormonal fluctuation of estrogen and … [Read more…]

The Low-Down On Nitric Oxide

So anybody who is into fitness, does not have to look far to see ads boasting about all the benefits of nitric oxide.  Most supplement companies will claim that their nitrous boosters increase blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the tissues and organs.  They also say that it will improve brain function, wound healing, weight loss, … [Read more…]

Train Insane

trane insane

Today it is my goal to familiarize my readers with some basic training concepts for those of you whom are not seasoned bodybuilders.  The first method of training I will discuss is pyramid training.  It is important if you hit a plateau in your fitness routine, to shock your muscles.  Pyramids may just be the … [Read more…]